Lublin University of Technology - Bogusław SZMYGIN

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1982-master’s degree (Civil Engineering Faculty, TU Lublin); 1984- Postgraduate Studies of Monument Conservation (TU Warsaw); 1986- Postgraduate Studies of Buildings Reconstruction (TU Warsaw); 1987- Postgraduate Pedagogical Studies (University of MSC Lublin); 1991- doctor`s degree (TU Cracow; “Semiotics of Historical Architecture”); 2001- habilitate; (TU Cracow: “Theory of Conservation in Poland in the XX Century”);

Professional position:
Professor at the Lublin University of Technology (2001+); head of the Chair of Architectural Monuments Conservation at Civil Engineering and Architecture Faculty (2005+); vice-rector Lublin University of Technology (2012+); Dean of Civil Engineering and Architecture Faculty TU Lublin (2005-12).
President ICOMOS Poland (2008+); general secretary of International Scientific Committee of Theory and Philosophy of Conservation(2009+); chairman of World Heritage Committee in Poland (2010+); member of Scientific Committee Architecture and Urbanism Polish Academy of Science (2011+).

Areas of scientific interests:

He specializes in protection and conservation of architectural monuments (theory of conservation, revitalization of historical towns, protection of historical ruins, protection and conservation of architectural monuments, World Heritage issues).
Author of over 100 scientific articles (e.g monograph “Development of conservation doctrine in Poland in XX century”); organizer of several scientific conferences, scientific and educational programmes; scientific editor of dozen proceedings; author of over 50 screenplays for educational films.

Scientific experience:

Scientific coordinator of following programmes:
Rebuilding of historic towns in Poland 1945-2000” (2001-2002); “Protection of historic towns in market economy conditions – analysis of revitalization programmes in Poland” (2004-2006); “Algorithm of analysis of historical buildings adapted to contemporary functions” (2008 -2010); “Medieval castles in ruins – forms of protection” (2010-2012); ”A Comprehensive Approach to Conservation of Historic Towns in Central & Eastern Europe” (2010-2011); “Improvement of the existing protection and management systems for sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List – preparation of statements of outstanding universal values and monitoring indicators” (2010-2011); “Elaboration of a Model Management Plan for UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Properties” (2012-13)
An initiator and scientific editor of dozen publications, e. g:
„Municipalities in heritage protection” (2004); „Modernity and Progress in heritage protection” (2005); ”Historical ruins. Adaptation and maintenance” (2006); „Old towns in modern times” (2007); ”Selected problems of theory of conservation in Poland” (2008); ”Adaptation of historical buildings to contemporary functions” (2009); „Das Erbe der Nachkriegszeit Erhalten und Erneuern – Denkmale der Moderne und Gegenmoderne“ (co.-ed.) ( 2010), „Heritage protection system in Poland – diagnosis, analysis, proposals“ (2011); “Outstanding Universal Value and Monitoring of World Heritage Properties” (2011); “Conservation Turn – Return to Conservation. Tolerance for Change, Limits for Change” (co.-ed.) ( 2012); ”Valuation in protection and conservation of historical monuments” (2012); “Medieval castles in ruins – rules of protection”, (2013),