Polytechnic of Milan - Stefano Della torre

Politecnivo di Milano

Born at Cernobbio (Como, Italy) the 8.8.1955, he graduated at Politecnico di Milano, in Civil Engineering, Structural section, in 1980, and in Architecture in 1986. He has been assistant professor of Restoration at Politecnico di Milano in 1984, then in 1992 associate professor of Restoration, at first at the University of Brescia, and since 1998 at Politecnico di Milano, Faculty of Architecture, where he became full professor in March 2001.

Since 2011 he teaches Preventive Conservation of Cultural Heritage in the Post Graduate School for Cultural Heritage in the University of Macerata.
Between 1995 and 2002 he taught also at the Post-Graduate School of Restoration of the Monuments at Politecnico di Milano.
Currently he serves as the Director of the Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering in Politecnico di Milano. The department includes 160 teachers, 80 grant researchers and 90 phd students.

President of the Italian Chapter of Building Smart IAI – International Alliance for Interoperability.
Chosen by ANVUR as a member of GEV 08 for VQR 2004-2010, representing SSD ICAR/19 (Restoration).
Principal Investigator of PRIN  “Knowledge of historical building techniques: protocols and innovative tools for diffusion and applicability to preservation process” (2005/2006)
Principal Investigator of ongoing PRIN “Built Heritage Information Modeling/Management” (2011/2015)
Partner in many INTERREG projects.

Scientific leader of the project Monument Watch Italy, funded by Regione Lombardia.
He was responsible for conservation works on important monuments.
He designed a set of wide area projects centered on interventions on built cultural heritage end environment, especially in the Como Lake district.

He has been the coordinator of a set of researches promoted by Regione Lombardia about preventive conservation and planned maintenance of Built Cultural Heritage.
Consultant of Cariplo Foundation for the project “Cultural districts” (2006/2012).

Associate Partner of project SPRECOMAH (Seminars on Preventive Conservation and Monitoring of Architectural Heritage) financed by UE on 6° FP. Member of network PRECOMOS at the Unesco Chair on Preventive Conservation of Cultural Heritage based at KU Leuven (B) in cooperation with Monumentenwacht Flanders and the University of Cuenca (Ecuador).
He is the author of more than 300 publications.